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Helping victims of forgery, fraud, anonymous letters, computer-generated documents or medical record alteration. I have examined cases in every state and many countries internationally (FAQ). The documents can be in any language.

E-mail questions or a synopsis of your case to or call me at (325) 668-7474.

Analysis of any type of potential forgery & medical record alteration!

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Joe B. Alexander, MD, CDE

  • Attorney Recommended (Testimonials).
  • Quickly determine if your document is genuine.
  • Court Qualified Expert Witness.
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  • Highly trained and experienced in all forms of questioned document cases.
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As a Certified Document Examiner I examine and identify signatures, hand printing, handwriting, initials, and numbers. I also study documents made by computer printers, typewriters, and markings on walls, glass, wood or even automobiles. I compare papers, inks, printing, typewriting, computer-generated documents, facsimiles, photocopies, rubber stamps and holes made by a stapler or hole punch. If you have any document that may involve a forgery, I can not only give you an expert opinion about the authorship of that document, but I can relate to you certain aspects regarding the health of that individual at the time of the document’s origin. My years of experience can help solve cases of forgery, altered numbers, record alteration, graffiti, anonymous writings and poison pen letters.

I am a forensic document examiner and a physician—uniquely combining two scientific disciplines that each help people in need. I have practiced medicine for over 30 years and am Board Certified. My special interest is altered medical records, but I examine all types of documents for authentication or alteration. I have ongoing research studies correlating peculiarities in handwriting and health issues. I am the only private document examiner in West Central Texas, but I am available for cases anywhere in the world.

Many cases of forgery are medically related. Handwriting is actually "brain writing." Therefore anything that alters the mind will show in the person’s handwriting. This can be illness, aging, handicap, drugs or alcohol. My medical expertise allows me this unique ability to correlate health concerns and handwriting.

Medical records alteration is at the heart of many malpractice cases. My training and expertise allows me the ability to detect altered numbers and letters, inserted text and late entries. I co-own a Medical-Legal Consulting firm and have prepared detailed reports of medical records of patients involved in class action law suits involving toxic torts and pharmaceutical liability. I have given medical expert testimony in court involving everything from malpractice to murder.

If you have a forgery problem, I can help you solve your case. If you are a law firm, I'll be glad to fax you a copy of my Curriculum Vitae so you can have it on file next time a forgery case comes across your desk.

Types of documents examined:
• Forged, altered or counterfeit documents
• Checks, Wills, Deeds, Legal Contracts
• Insurance Records
• Court Documents
• Medical Records
• Computer-printed or Typewritten Documents
• Photocopied or Facsimile Documents
• Latent Impressions

The other services I provide:
• Case preparation consultation
• On-site examination
• Laboratory examination and analysis
• Document photography
• Preparation of court exhibits
• Preparation of written reports
• Deposition or courtroom testimony

What is a Forensic Document Examiner?

A Forensic Document Examiner is not a degreed course of study conveyed by a college, but rather a disciplined study of handwriting analysis and document examination with at least a two-year apprenticeship under the tutelage of a mentor, recognized as an expert in the field.

"Forensic" means "the application of science to law." So a Forensic Document Examiner (also known as Questioned Document Examiner) discovers and develops evidence from a document or signature that can be used in a Court of Law. This Handwriting Expert’s job is to determine whether handwriting/printing is authentic or forged, and to identify or eliminate a person as an author.

* FREE initial evaluation is for the purpose of determining if all items are present to form an opinion. NO OPINION WILL BE RENDERED.
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We are not lawyers, but document examiners. You should seek legal advice from a suitable lawyer

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